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Professional Employment at Associated Therapists, Inc.

The professional staff at Associated Therapists are not employees. Each physician, nurse or therapist is an independent individual performing their professional service in a private practice as governed and licensed by the State of California. (They are 1099 independent contractors.)

Associated Therapists is a multi-specialty outpatient mental health private practice setting of more than 40 providers. Our providers offer an array of mental health services addressing issues, including Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, ADHD, Autism spectrum disorders, Medication Management, Behavioral issues, Substance abuse, Pre-Bariatric Surgery Evaluation and Relationship issues for children, adults, seniors, and couples therapy, and many more. 

Each provider sets their own schedule and decides what patients / clients they will work with. Associated Therapists have established suggested default policies such as late cancellation fees.  Each provider can choose their own unique policy as a whole or on a case by case basis.

Depending on availability each provider can choose which office they will use. Offices are available on a first come first serve basis in Huntington Beach, Long Beach, and Los Alamitos. Teletherapy is also encouraged and a HIPAA Compliant telehealth video platform is available for each therapists use if desired. Many providers choose a combination of venue to provide services.

Professional fees are determined by established contracts and agreements with insurance companies and rates are also determined by each provider. Associated Therapists have established default fees and they are published in intake forms, however client "cash" payment account fees are determined by the provider. 

Associated Therapists provides administrative support to the providers by offering referrals, office space, insurance / client billing, clerical services, insurance credentialing, and collection of bad debt. Payment to providers is calculated as a percentage of amount of monies collected each month. Therapists are paid monthly and receive a majority of the fees collected.

Professional / Medical Staff Positions

Psychiatrist / Nurse Practitioners

Psychiatrist and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner positions are available on a full time or part time basis. The number of hours worked depends on office space availability, the practitioners preferences and the demand for services at our offices. This demand has continued to increase, therefore professional time has always been in demand.

Psychiatrists and Nurse Practitioners are scheduled to see patients on a 15 minute basis. Due to the high volume of patients that are seen by these professionals more administrative support is provided to these staff members.

For example, the management of doctors and nurse schedule are done by administrative staff. These schedules are done on a cloud based computer system, therefore the doctor / nurse can access and view their schedule on the internet. Prescriptions, and refills, are also handled by the preference of each individual provider.

Credentialing  and attestation requirements for insurance plans are handled by staff. Routine letter writing is done following prescriber requirements.

Psychiatrists / Nurses are expected to manage their own clinical charting, provide proof of malpractice insurance, and maintain their professional licenses. Nurse Practitioners must provide their own consulting physician although we can assist in the process.


Psychotherapist / Social Worker / Counselor:

Psychotherapist positions are available on a full time or part time basis. Licensed Psychologist, LCSW, LMFT, LPC, or similar credentials are encouraged to apply. These professionals must be licensed by a California State Board to provide counseling (e.g., Board of Psychology, LCSW, LMFT, LPC, or similar credentials). Proof of license, insurance and provider ID required.


We are NOT able to provide the necessary supervision, nor training required to employ those who have associate or assistance credentials. Our practice is designed to be staffed by independent providers and must be licensed to perform those activities in order to receive reimbursement from insurance carriers.

Therapists manage their own malpractice insurance, licensing requirements, scheduling of clients, and clinical notes. Other administrative activities are provided by Associated Therapists. Our goal is to have a system where therapists can do what they enjoy doing i.e. patient care and the burden of dealing with modern healthcare administration is done by others.

Positions Currently Available

1. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

2. Psychotherapist / Social Worker / Counselor

3. All Licenses - Teletherapy


If you are interested in a professional position at Associated Therapists, please call or email our office and let us know your interest. We will follow up and contact you to discuss this further.  Contact Us Here

Thank you.


page last updated: 01/21/21