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Self Help Topics

Below you will find topics of popular interest. You may find the information helpful. However, it is not a substitute for needed therapy. You may also be directed to specific literature here by your treating clinician. Click on your choice to review the information.

All information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient or site visitor and his or her physician or mental health provider. Confidentiality of data relating to individual patients and visitors to this site, including their identity, is respected and will be held by the same standards that govern the requirements of patient confidentiality in the state of California.

Anxiety, Fears, and Panic
Discussion of anxiety as a normal emotion that can become a serious problem. Relaxation technique is covered.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD-ADHD)
What is ADD - ADHD? General information. Evaluation and Treatment. - Children, Adolescents and Adults. Recommended Sites on the Web.

Recommended Books and Literature
Literature recommended by the professional staff. Links on subjects such as: ADD-ADHD., Parenting, OCD, Discipline, and Special Education are provided.

Relaxation Training Audio Program
Mp3 audio program that teaches progressive deep muscle relaxation. Effective and Easy. Part two of program teaches the use of guided imagery to assist in relaxation.

Online Free Psychological Tests and Quizzes
Online screening tests provided by - an independent mental health social network. Clicking on the above title takes you to PsychCentral. Click the back button or arrow to return here.

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